At Blue Prawn, we pride ourselves on being a bit different.

We reckon you won’t find a design and marketing agency like us anywhere! Bravado? Not really, we genuinely believe we are the most passionate, committed and talented bunch you are likely to come across. And just why are we so passionate and committed? Because we’ve learned something very, very important...that our clients make us what we are.

Only by truly putting the effort into understanding what you want, actually listening to what you say and putting our heart and souls into your work can we really say we are doing things differently. We think being individual is a good thing though, and that’s how we treat all our customers. You will never find us churning out the same old stuff. We put our brains, heart and soul into every job and our customers can tell the difference!

We all have masses of agency experience and we’ve seen enough to know that in most cases your job is just the next job. Design and marketing agencies are notorious for spouting complicated terminology and being precious about their designs...well, here’s a huge difference... we’re not! So, if you’re fed up with being a small fish in your current agency’s big pond, ditch your fishing rod and hook a prawn.

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