A little bit about us...

Born 2005
The journey from a home based business to becoming an award-winning agency and a limited company has been incredible and we are loving every single minute.

A breath of fresh air
We work from a beautiful converted brick barn within the Cambridgeshire countryside, a stones throw from Abbotsley.

We love what we do and it seems that people love what we do just as much. Our display cabinet is stocked with a hearty collection of shiny awards.

True to our roots
Since birth Blueprawn has been pro-active in working with key local clubs, councils, organisations and charities and boast a large number of successful local businesses as part of our growing client base.

David & Goliath
We have a growing number of major clients including global blue-chip companies and have ousted big agencies in the process due to our superior level of creative and unsurpassed return on investment. Most recently we have been confirmed as sole marketing agency for York Fitness after they approached us to partner.

International client base
Through working with major blue-chip clients for the past 4 years we have seen our work expand into Europe and more recently the UAE, representing the quality of our service and understanding of global market trends.

We do long-term commitment
We hold onto our clients and we are proud of that. We also have years of experience in conceiving and delivering substantial campaigns for the likes of BlackBerry, Cisco, HP and Microsoft. The results have been so successful that our campaigns have been adopted by our clients’ international partners.

We are hands on
We are flying and are a collective who embrace what we do. Our workload has always been immense and we thrive on it, but we will always jump when a client needs us, we focus on client management rather than time logs and processes.

There’s no Billy Big Pants here
Blueprawn is a pool of highly creative and passionate beings who have managed to keep their egos caged and whos individual talents and experience combine to provide and maintain superior levels of strategic creative marketing and client management. We have built solid partner relationships with a family of suppliers for print services and branded merchandising in addition to more specific marketing services.

Can we be your knight in shining armour? Your world-rocking thunderbus?
We jolly well hope so! Contact us today, this could be the start of something wonderful